About Me

Hello.  Thanks for visiting Slow Sundays.

This blog is about food, life, children and slowing down….

Food has always been a great love of mine.  I’m thinking about dinner before I’ve even had breakfast, I’m most relaxed in the kitchen stirring a pot of risotto (with wine in hand), and I’m happiest when I’m sharing a meal with people I love.

But now, with 3 small children, life is busy.  I can’t be as indulgent as I used to be and meal times are more about putting child-friendly food on the table quickly.

But amidst the beautiful chaos that is raising children, I want to make sure my kids appreciate good food and know where it comes from.  I want them to put on their little aprons and enjoy helping in the kitchen. But most of all I want them to see how slowing down and sharing good food can create some of life’s most best moments.

They are a bit too little to grasp all of this just yet but we’re taking small steps.  Every Sunday we go to the markets.  We buy local produce. The kids learn what is in season and we’re never in a rush to go anywhere. It’s the best part of the week.

And so here you have Slow Sundays. I hope you find some inspiration.